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Interseeding Corn in living Bahia Sod

Interseeding Legumes in Bahia Sod

Legumes for high quality forage

Test Results of Chickasaw Clover

Interseeding Mung Beans in Bahia Sod

Interseeding Cowpeas and Millet iin Bahia Sod

Interseeding Legumes in Bahia Sod

Test results of mung beans and cowpeas

Hay King renovation of bermuda grass

Results of renovating in Bahia Sod

Interseeding Peas and Soybeans in Bahia Sod

Interseeding Silage Corn and Clay Peas in Bahia Sod

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Hays barley trials in the Deep South

Plant-O-Vator Test Results

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Chickasaw Clover, a blend of Oceola, Pinnacle and Rampart.

Reported to be perennial.

July 10, 2008

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