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Compact gear boxes provide quick, easy repairing on the farm. They utilize the same heavy bearing under the cutting disc as used on the front wheel of front wheel drive automobiles. They provide very long, trouble-free life.

Deep “V” overlap of blades trap the crop and provide a cleaner cut. This feature is possible on the mower with "rear" drive shaft.

Fella Shaft Drive Disc Mower features:
Cleaner cut due to deep "v" overlap

· Clean, skillfully designed hay making equipment

· Quality engineering and craftsmanship

· Less and faster maintenance and repairs

These products are readily available with well-known parts service.

Other products are available by special order.

FELLA Shaft Drive Disc Mowers specifications

Fella Shaft Drive Mowers from 6 feet 8 inches to 11 feet 5 inchesFella Shaft Drive Disc Mowers

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Fella compact gear box for shaft drive mowers

"Rear" drive shaft

FELLA horizontal crop transport fins, unlike vertical fins, do not “blow” down the crop in front of the blades.

Full-coverage, hardened-steel skid shoes give up to four times the normal life of standard shoes.

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· Single lifetime oiling system using up to 3 gallons of oil

· Every hinge joint has a bronze bushing and grease zerk.

· Full coverage, long-life hardened steel skid shoes are shaped to provide an air escape tunnel from the deep “V” overlap point to the rear. This tunnel allows the air movement created by the blades to dissipate rather than blow down crops.

· This new tunnel and deep “V” design eliminate the need to run the blades as close to the ground as the older versions in order to cut clean.

· Spread or windrow as you mow is possible by changing direction of the cutting disc.

· Easy driving—excellent maneuverability is achieved with unique flotation of the cutter bar.

· Crop divider for blown down crops is standard.

· Swath wheel to move crop in is standard.

Features of FELLA Heavy Duty Shaft Drive Disc Mowers

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FELLA Heavy Duty "Rear"

Shaft Drive Disc Mowers

FELLA Heavy Duty Shaft Drive Disc Mowers have extruded, hollow steel back bone with overhead construction.

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Model No.





Cutting width

6 ft.  8 in.

8 ft.  4 in.

9 ft. 10 in.

11 ft.  5 in.

Approx. Weight

1324 lbs.

1386 lbs.

1535 lbs.

1755 lbs.