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The Plant-O-Vator® is designed to create a mini seed bed 5½ inches deep for pasture renovation, fertilization and interseeding into living sod.

Plant-O-Vator, seeder, planter

    Multiple benefits with only one trip:


   Two crops—living sod continues

    to produce along with interseeded crop.  


•    Reduce/eliminate soil erosion, fertilizer

    pollution and chemical use.


    More, lower cost forage per acre per year.


•    Use less diesel fuel.


    Less wear and tear on your tractor.


    Support for the environment.

   The Plant-O-Vator®

A Minimum-Till Drill

For more information visit www.sodbasedfarming.com discussing 22 years of work in sod with the Plant-O-Vator.

Deep fertilizer placement zone encourages deep root system

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Mini seed beds (5½ inches deep, 3 inches wide and 12 inches apart) also become reservoirs for water storage.

Undisturbed area of perennial grasses flourish with this “cultivation”, fertilizer, water and  resulting organic, humus buildup.

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Text Box: A perfect, low-cost, forage-producing environment