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Single Rotor Rotary Rakes

Duo Rotary Swathers/Rakes

Fella Turbo Tedder

FELLA Hydraulic Turbo Tedder

Model TH800

25 feet 2 inches on 9-foot transport chassis

Extra large, center transport tires

Fella Turbo Tedder


Model TH540T

17-foot, pull type, hydraulic Turbo Tedder


Model TH540D

17-foot, 3-point, hydraulic Turbo Tedder

FELLA TH800 Working, Folding, Folding,

Fella Turbo Tedder folding


Low transport height, 9 feet

Fella Turbo Tedder foldedFella Turbo Tedder foldingFella Turbo Tedder working


 Hydraulic cylinder raises the wings, raises the tines on two inside rotors.


 Automatically disengages the p.t.o. drive for safety; returns all preset adjustments when lowering the wings and re-engages p.t.o. drive.

No need to dismount from tractor.


Rugged, easy to repair.


FELLA Turbo Tedders utilize the highest quality tines and bronze bushings with grease fittings on every hinge joint.

Features of the FELLA Turbo Tedders:

 Clean, skillfully designed hay making equipment

 Quality engineering and craftsmanship

 Less and faster maintenance and repairs

These products are readily available with well-known parts service.

Other products are available by special order.

Fella Turbo Tedder in transport position

Automatic transport locking.

No damaging of tines, tine arms or wheels.

Safe, high-speed transport.

No catching up. Weight is evenly spread over the wheels.

Fella Turbo Tedder in safe transport positionFella Turbo Tedder

FELLA TH790 Turbo Tedder with 6 rotors and

FELLA TH1100 Turbo Tedder with 8 rotors

Easy to change from transport into operation and vice versa by driving forward or backing up after setting 2 or 4 wheels.

Fella Turbo Tedder in transport

FELLA Pull-Type Turbo Tedders


Model TH790

25 feet 2 inches (without transport chassis)

FELLA Turbo Tedders Readily Available


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FELLA Turbo Tedders

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Model No.

Type of Hitch

Working Width


Pull Type

17 feet



17 feet


Pull Type

25 feet 2 inches


Pull Type

25 feet 2 inches