More hay....More pasture....Less fertilizer

University tests show renovation produces
more than fertilizer without renovation.

New TARZAN Pasture & Hay Field
Staggered-Shank Renovators


3-Point Quick Hitch
Category 2 and 3

  • 3-point and pull-type from 5 to 15 feet with fold-up wings
  • All models—transport width 8 feet
  • Optional hydraulic fold-up
  • Staggered shank renovation for thorough fracturing of sod
  • All coulters strategically located with each ripping point

It's Features:

Make a continuous 5½-inch deep by 3/4-inch wide opening
with fracturing of the sod resulting in mellow sod.

  • Opening and fracturing of sod creating a storage area for trapping rain water and surface nutrients (including manure) carried down into the root zone by the water and allowing oxygen into the roots.

  • All resulting in deeper feeding roots that are healthy and survive drier conditions producing more crop.

  • Coulter blades vertically adjust to allow clean-cut slice through roots.

  • Unique ripping foot designed to penetrate below coulter and cut approximately 5-½ inch average depth with a draft and lifting action of the sod and with minimum surface disturbance.

  • Alternating staggered shanks 8 inches forward and back allows the leading shank to move sod slightly over in one direction and the “following” shank to move it in opposite direction creating a thorough fracturing renovation of the sod. Mellow, high production sod is created.

More crop with less fertilizer and fuel

This renovation also promotes soil building microbial growth and water infiltration reducing greenhouse gases.
“Perennial plants pull excess carbon from the atmosphere locking it in the soil.”

Features of TARZAN Renovator


This new pin-on ripping point and coulter blade — kept adjusted to 3 inches — reduces the soil friction considerably in the blue zone area. This is done by creating an assisting-working relationship between the lifting up (fracturing) of the sod by the pin-on point—and the simultaneously-slicing down into the fractured sod by the coulter blade—thereby relieving pressure on each other in heavy packed soil. This cooperation reduces horse power and fuel needed to create perfect renovation.

The new pin-on ripping points, with chrome and nickel, are easily changed and provide up to twice the wear as the older weld-on points.

Model No. TR - 4 Shank

Size: 5 ft
Category: 3-point
Weight: 698 lbs

Model No. TR - 6 Shank

Size: 7 ½ ft
Category: 3-point or pull-type
Weight: 888 lbs

Model No. TR - 8 Shank

Size: 10 ft
Category: 3-point or pull-type
Weight: 1,200

Model No. TR - 10 Shank

Size: 12 ½ ft
Category: 3-point or pull-type
Weight: 1,495 lbs

Model No. TR - 12 Shank

Size: 15 ft
Category: 3-point or pull-type
Weight: 2,050 lbs

Model No. TR - 40 Trailer Caddy

Weight: 560 lbs

Renovating in the fall, winter and early spring preserves winter moisture for summer plant growth.

A Potential For Big Returns On a Low Investment

Pasture Pleaser



The harrow, being complete with draw pole and tow chain,
can be easily removed from the lift carriage and used as a drag harrow.

Cow/Calf Operators see www.sodbasedfarming.com